The Estabrook Beer Garden offers limited opportunities to host outdoor social or business gatherings for 40 or more guests. Please keep in mind that group event accommodations are generally unavailable during peak business times, weekends, and some evenings.  Weekday events can be hosted with much greater flexibility. We will determine the food, beverage and seating requirements for servicing your needs.   Use of  the adjacent parkland requires approval of the beer garden and permits from the Milwaukee County Parks. We ask that when planning your event you are mindful of the public nature of the beer garden.  If you are seeking exclusivity or privacy, the beer garden is not the proper venue.

PLAN AHEAD: Group Event Reservations must be fully arranged and pre-paid 10- business days in advance.

Group Reservations and Catering e-mail or call 414-219-9065

  • All areas of the park and beer garden are open to public ingress and egress at all times. 
  • Due to our contract with Milwaukee County Parks, ABC Estabrook INC. is the exclusive caterer for Estabrook Beer Garden. 
  • All Food and Alcohol Beverages for parties must be purchased from ABC Estabrook INC.
  • Any special exceptions must be stated in writing in your contract.
  • No exceptions are ever made for alcohol. 
  • Hard liquor is forbidden in the park at all times.  Alcohol not purchased from ABC Estabrook Inc. is subject to confiscation and disposal 
  • Any attempts to Self-Reserve or side-step reservation process/policies will result in ejection and fines for your group by the Park Ranger or County Sheriff, no refunds will offered.