Reserve a Table

A limited number of reserved tables may be booked through the Beer Garden Office. There are many days and times that we will not accept any reservations at all.

A table with a maximum allowance of 8 guests can be reserved with a Credit Card Pre-Payment of $240 for a 4-Hour period.

  • ($40  per table is a rental fee / $200.00 is a food and beverage credit valid during the reservation period for the purchase food and beverage from the concession stand. The Patron has the option of pre paying a greater amount. It is irrelevant if the patron has 2 people or 8 People, the minimum rate per table is $240 each table.
  • Beer Garden Management has the sole discretion for the location of your table reservation. We reserve the right to relocate any table reservation at any time.
  • Monday through Thursday  a maximum of 4 Tables (32 Guests) per group may reserved. Friday through Sunday a maximum of 2 Tables 16 guests) per group may reserved.
  • Due to impacts on the limited concession facilities, gatherings larger than 32 people need make a group event reservation. We will determine the food, beverage and seating requirements for servicing your needs.  Please keep in mind that group event accommodations are generally unavailable during peak business times, weekends, and some evenings.
  • PLAN AHEAD: Reservations must be fully arranged and pre-paid 2 business days in advance. / Reservations for Friday, Saturday or Sunday must be fully arranged and pre-paid by 3pm on the preceding Wednesday. 

 Table Reservations e-mail or call 414-219-9065

Attempts at “Self Reserving” Tables are Strictly Prohibited.

    • The Beer Garden opens at Noon. Early arrivals interfere with cleaning and setup efforts.
    • Unoccupied tables may not be reserved with table clothes or other items.
    • Tables are for people to sit at and may not be used for buffets. 
    • Do not attempt to block off sections of the beer garden or tables by placing your belongings on them. Beer garden staff will discard these items.
    • Failure to comply with Beer Garden Policies or Staff Instructions may lead to ejection from the Beer Garden.

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